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When you have a financing need, we will combine the understanding of your business, which we have gained by providing tax and accounting services, with our financing experience and contacts to help ensure you obtain the financing you deserve.

Our experience in financing and the evaluation of credit worthiness is vast. Our expertise starts with Jim Schulte’s prior experience as a financial officer for two publicly traded corporations. During his prior life, Jim participated on earnings calls, met with credit ratings agencies such as Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, negotiated credit facilities that ranged from $30 million to $250 million, and managed debt loads in 

excess of $750 million. This high-end background is supported by the years of experience that Sophie Veillette and the entire S&Co team have gained through years of helping our clients obtain the financing they need and deserve.

Our assistance begins with (a) assessing available financing options, (b) preparing the loan package to be delivered to prospective lenders and (c) lender introductions.

Assessing Financing Alternatives – We analyze your financial performance and projections and identify potential sources for financing. We have helped clients obtain SBA loans, traditional bank financing, specialized state and local programs, and private financing.

Loan Package Preparation – When we package a loan request, lenders know they will be working with a logical and well-supported request. Working with S&Co adds credibility to your company and we work to ensure that your financial records are clear and consistent which in turn helps to eliminate red flag impediments to obtaining financing.

Lender Introduction – Whether working with your existing bank or a new bank, we have probably worked with them in the past. We use these extensive connections to match your financing needs to the capabilities of various lenders.


Asking the right questions and properly structuring a transaction can significantly change the economics of a deal. Our experience in asking the right questions and structuring transactions ranges from IPO's of multi-national businesses to small business asset purchases.

We have helped countless clients acquire their businesses; merge with competitors, and, when it’s time to hang up the cleats, sell their businesses. Schulte & Company CPAs boasts a long track record of successfully assisting clients in M&A activities.  In what was a typical year, S&Co provided assistance in the sale or purchase of 13 businesses last year.  We have been in business for over 20 years. Our M&A support activities include;

  • Identifying client goals and assessing strategic options,

  • Determining the value of the business being sold or targeted,

  • Structuring the deal to maximize after tax dollars,

  • Negotiating the deal,

  • Reviewing Letters of Intent, Sales Agreements and Contracts,

  • Financial, tax and accounting due diligence and

  • Obtain Financing.



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