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Unlike our Big-4 competitors, Schulte & Company CPAs is a small business and understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  Our Bottom Line is to help your business dreams and ideas become reality.  We can assist with;

  • Development and review of business plans,

  • Choosing the most tax-efficient legal structure,

  • Ensure the business gets registered with appropriate governmental agencies and

  • Carefully review tax elections to ensure a new venture gets a quick start.

We encourage our clients to have a strategic review at least once per year. Strategic reviews consist of an assessment and discussion of where your business has been and where it is going. They are aimed at keeping business owners focused on the big picture; determining how the business is going to help the owner meet his personal and financial objectives.

This is accomplished by;

  • Reviewing the past financial information,

  • Analyzing future financial needs, including the value of your business and

  • Developing/revising a strategic plan that includes an exit strategy for retiring or selling the business.

Forcing this "big picture" view is the only manner to accurately gauge if clients are making progress toward their goals, standing still or falling behind.



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