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The Schulte and Company Difference


Billable Hours

Professionals at other accounting firms are compensated and rewarded based on billable hours.  Management at other CPA firms expect each of their accountants to meet pre-defined levels of billable hours.  Promotions and pay increases for the accountant are based on how much they can bill and collect from their clients. 

While the relationship between a CPA and the client can be good, there is always the underlying ugliness of the accountant trying to milk more money out of the client. 

That’s not how we roll.

No person in Schulte & Company is compensated based on billable hours and no person in our firm is expected to bill hours to clients.  By eliminating the billable hour mandate, our team is focused on the goals of the client without the underlying pressure to bill them for every minute spent working with them.  As you would expect, when quick conversations turn into large time commitments we need to bill for that time.

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