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Business Valuation

A company's value is derived from its future benefits. However, those benefits cannot be measured with certainty. Companies have different risks and earnings characteristics. Their owners' goals and expectations vary. No single formula can be used to determine the value of every company in every situation. Therefore, different approaches and methods have evolved for estimating future benefits and companies' values.

While there are three general approaches to valuing a business (income, market and asset-based), there are multiple methods for each of these 3 general approaches. Whenever possible, it is our philosophy to use at least 3 different valuation methods to determine the value of an enterprise. This redundancy enables verification of the conclusion and helps to eliminate litigation and other protracted costs.

Beyond the theory behind business valuations, members of the S&Co team have actually bought and sold businesses. Thanks to its participation in the purchase or sale of hundreds of businesses, the Schulte & Company team is a savvy and street-wise resource for your valuation needs.

S&Co performs valuations for a variety of client needs:

  • Marital dissolution,
  • Mergers, acquisitions, sales and divestitures,
  • Incentive compensation programs,
  • Business litigation,
  • Succession planning,
  • Gifting,
  • Estate planning.


Litigation Support

Though other firms can provide valuations and analysis, few have the poise and experience to meaningfully impact the outcome of litigation. We use our capabilities to support you with expert testimony and documentation. Our expertise in business valuations, coupled with our audit, financial analysis and tax experience, has produced a track record of strong expert testimony. Our team has provided expert witness testimony in a variety of complex litigation matters in the Ohio counties of Stark, Summit and Cuyahoga.

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