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Our mission is to contribute to the bottom line growth and success of every client.   Schulte & Company CPAs accomplishes this mission by providing consistent & affordable accounting, tax and consulting services.  When we accomplish our mission, our clients are able to focus on more important missions; such as conquering an epic hike.  

Core Values

Our mission is achieved through core values, which serve as the guiding principles upon which every decision is based:

Client Satisfaction

Aspire to professional excellence by providing the highest quality services. This is our number one benchmark.

Ethics and Integrity

Always maintain the highest ethical standards, trustworthiness, and confidentiality.


Execute work in a proficient, logical, and efficient manner.

Continuing Education

Remain informed about current tax and accounting rules and regulations.


Be responsible citizens to enhance the future of the communities we call home.


Create the greatest value for our clients by working together to ensure everyone reaches their full potential.