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Meet Our Team

The strength of any organization is its people.  The Schulte & Company team was assembled very carefully.  Instead of traditional help wanted ads or job-listing websites, every team member was referred to us or specifically recruited.  When we identify a candidate that is smart, honest and personable, we do our best to hire them.  Building the Schulte & Company team in this manner results in a strong organization to support your long term success. Our employee's average length of service is 9 years and our average professional boasts over 20 years of experience.

We are proud
that most of our employees
have been part of the team
for many years!

jim schulte
Jim Schulte
sophia veillette
Sophia Veillette
terressa baggs
Terressa Baggs



regina barton
Regina Barton
linda borchik
Linda Borchik
staff temp blank
Donna Cottrell
diane crutchman
Diane Crutchman
staff temp blank
Josh Freedman
beth gerberich
Beth Gerberich
leanne huxtable
Leanne Huxtable
kevin kettering
Kevin Kettering
laura kohn
Laura Kohn
laura kohn
Becky Lowther
Ben Reker
Ben Reker
staff temp blank
Alex Schulte
colin sim
Colin Sim
laura kohn
Sue Simko
Tracy Taylor
Tracy Taylor
Patricia Umbright
Patricia Umbright